UpComing Litters

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We are no longer breeding puppies.  Thank you to all the wonderful famlies we have met through this wonderful journey.


Leaving with our new famlies


Heather & Olive

Kate & Ziggy Marley

John, Hershey & Baby Garcie

Diane & Maddy

Billy Bob with his new Mom & Dad & 3 brothers


7 Weeks old


6 Weeks old



5 Weeks old


4 Weeks old



3 Weeks old





2 Weeks old and so adorable








We are here

Mom and puppies are all doing well








Below are a couple of our last litters


Solas & Angus

Chocolate Lab Puppies






 Solas Last Litter



Here we are 5 puppies born 8/30/10

4 Boys & 1 Girl



One week old





2 Weeks Old

We can see now



3 Weeks Old

Time to start playing




4 weeks old

 Our first day outside YEA!!




Here we are 6 weeks old already





7 weeks old and one last hurrah before we go to our new famlies

We visited a retierment home




Time to go home, here we are with our new familes







Wee Jimmy


Thistle & Orion

Yellow Lab Puppies


See Mommy & Daddy Below


Time to go Home



7 Weeks old

Almost time to go home




6 Weeks old

We are so "Evil" Time to play




4 Weeks old

Time to play outside like the big dogs






3 Weeks old

Our first meal




Here we are at two weeks old





We are Here

 Five boys & three girls all doing well







Thistle & Orion