China and Tyson

Two of the sweetest puppies ever

Mom had edema while she was pregnant and the puppies have hydrocephalis (not hereditary)

They do not have full use of their brains (but what Labradors do) and have slight vision problems

We call them our perpetual Puppies as they still think and act like they are only 3 months old

THey make us smile and laugh every day and we consider ourselves extremely lucky to have them in ourr lives.


Our Beautiful Chocolate Girl China and Handsome black boy Tyson




Kiscos Solas Donn Sealgair

Her name means Kiscos Moonlight Brown Hunter 

& she is soooo adorable





Here is Solas' beautiful mom 

Bearwtme Ceol NaMara

Her name means Music of the Sea & we think she is gorgeous

She is a granddaughter of Mhairi & Great Granddaughter of our wonderful old Mocha


Here is Mara at 15 months growing up nicely


Now she's 21 months & looks just like her great great grandmother Senata

Mara 06  Mara 06JPG