Arkansas & Ohio Stories

I came across the most horrifying stories circulating the Internet

There were pictures of two dogs (Foster & Newman) who looked like they should have been dead they were so thin. They had been chained in a junkyard with another cute little mix (Nappy) their whole short two years of life. The eyes in Newman just tugged at my heart strings

I immediately offered to rescue these three pitiful boys. After a couple of weeks at the vetís they came on the puppy bus from Arkansas with 6 more labs needing to be rescued.

Foster & Newman have heartworm & Nappy has ringworm. They also need shots

Almost at the same time there was a story circulating the internet about around 200 labs needing rescued

Seemingly one person had all these dogs in her house & conditions were less than desirable

My husband rented a box truck & drove down to Ohio to pick up 18 labs the breeder had released voluntarily.

The following week the judge ordered all the dogs to be placed in adoptive or rescue homes or they would be euthanized

My friend Gary & one of the girls who help me out in my boarding kennel Jolene drove back to Ohio to pick up forty six more Labradors, including a mom & six one week old babies. The dogs were disgustingly dirty with ear infections & very shy & afraid but totally sweet. It took six of us all morning to get them out of the truck, fed & settled. As of now they are all bathed & smelling good & learning to trust us

Pennsylvania & New Hampshire rescue came & took eight & seven labs respectively & my friends & fellow rescuers Gail & Merri took 20 back to Connecticut.

I placed 13 in foster homes & kept 16 here with me. They all need to be spayed & neutered, have been checked for lime, heartworm & erlichiosis & brought up to date on vaccines

Our vetís bills so far have been over $3000 & all the transports cost us over $3000 & we have a long way to go.

We'd like to say a great big thank you to all who have donated to help these guys on their way to a real life

And an especially big thank you to Amy from Paws in Ohio who got all the remaining Labradors out to safety Great Job Amy


Here are Foster, Newman & Nappy when they were first rescued by Jaxie & Ron And a gruesome sight they were poor babies 

Newman is so happy & grateful for every little bit of food. Tail never stops

Would you think that was the same dog in just a few short weeks


I think he likes hugs, I know I do       He looks almost normal now playing with his friend


What a face


Foster is every bit as grateful but a little shy at first with strangers

& Nappy is happy happy happy


I think Foster loves daddy Campbell  


Here are the dogs from Sheridan Animal Shelter

Hershey & Tigger 

Been in the shelter way too long


Morag & Butchie 8 months old & never been out the shelter 

Till now Also with Vickie. They are just the happiest kids 

Morag and Butchie

And the babies dumped in the shelter now in their forever home with the best family. They have adopted from me before

Peek n' Boo